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SCSA Classifications - updated 2006


Where do you Rank?

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Due to the elimination of the "2 second bonus" on the Speed Option stage,
8 seconds have been added to each classification, for Limited guns only.

Match Score

below 102 under 3.3 GM GM
102 to 133 under 4.3 M M
133 to 164 under 5.3 A Expert
164 to 195 under 6.3 B Sharpshooter
195 to 257 under 8.3 C Marksman
257 to 319 under 10.3 D Novice
above 319 over 10.3 U Unclassified
Match Score

below 94 under 3.00 GM GM
94 to 125 under 4.00 M M
125 to 156 under 5.00 A Expert
156 to 187 under 6.00 B Sharpshooter
187 to 249 under 8.00 C Marksman
249 to 311 under 10.00 D Novice
above 311 over 10.00 U Unclassified

This classification is based on shooting all 8 stages and is used to draw a comparison
between SCSA, USPSA & IPDA systems. Seven of the SCSA stages keep the best 4 of 5
strings and the eighth keeps the best 3 of 4 strings, giving a total of 31 strings. Your
score for these 31 strings is combined to create your Overall Match Score. Taking your
Overall Match Score and dividing by 31 can give you your String Average.

How we classify you.

For first match you attend, you will shoot in the classification where you are classified
by other organizations (IDPA, USPSA, etc). At the end of the match, your match results
will determine where you will be classified from there on. After 3 matches you will be given
a SCSA Classification. A shooter will be moved up in classification after placing in the next
highest category 3 times.