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Deer Tribe Gun Club

We are shooting club dedicated to the right of lawful people to protect themselves and those they care about from anything that would harm them, through exercising their right to keep and bear arms. To carry a firearm is one of the greatest responsibilities a person can place upon themselves and yet it is an essential one, necessary for the ability to protect one's life, liberty & pursuit of happiness when faced with any form of criminal element.

To be a responsible and safe gunowner, one must learn safe gun handling, marksmanship and the proper mind set. Gun handling and marksmanship come only with practice, practice and more practice. The mind set comes with practicing both gun handling and marksmanship while in challenging and stressful situations, which is where we come in.

Our goal is to offer a challenging match for both beginner and expert, where each may hone their skills with pistol, rifle and shotgun. We feel the most enjoyable target to shoot at is steel and that's why we are an all steel club.

Nowhere else can you find a match that offers you the ability to shoot 7 stages with your pistol, 4 stages with your rilfe, one stage for each rifle division, (or 2 stages with your shotgun, one stage for each type) and a head's up Shoot-Off.

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